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How To Stand Out With A Necklace

To stand out with a necklace, you can choose a piece that is unique, unusual, or eye-catching. Here are a few ideas for standing out with a necklace:

  1. Choose a statement necklace: A statement necklace is a bold, attention-grabbing piece that is meant to make a statement. Look for a necklace with interesting shapes, patterns, or colors that will draw the eye.

  2. Experiment with materials: Instead of traditional materials like gold or silver, try using more unusual materials like pearls, beads, wood, shell, or resin. These materials can add texture and interest to your necklace.

  3. Mix and match different styles: Instead of wearing a traditional necklace, try layering multiple necklaces in different styles and lengths to create a unique look.

  4. Add pendants or charms: Personalize your necklace by adding pendants or charms that have special meaning to you or that reflect your personality.  This can be wearing your name or a name of a loved one, or even something you strongly believe in.  There's nothing more confident that allowing yourself be expressive without having to say a word! 

  5. Be bold with color: Choose a necklace in a bold, eye-catching color that will stand out against your outfit.

By trying out different styles and materials, you can create a unique and eye-catching necklace that will help you stand out. Let us hear from you! Contact us at with any suggestions or future topics you would like us to cover.  

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